At Raccoon River Kennels, we provide only the best dog boarding and daycare services. We use a variety of factors in our pricing guide. Our interactive pricing tool provides an accurate quote based on your needs. Still have questions? Don’t be shy. Contact us, and we’ll gladly assist you. 

  • Nightly Boarding Prices

    Number of Pets123
    Basic (3’x 2’)$42
    Large (3’x 6’)$42$74
    Suite (4’x 8’)$50$85$110
  • Daycare

    Number of PetsSingle day10 Day Package | Discount %Daycare While Boarding
    1$27$220 | 20% $25
    2$48$380 | 20%$35
    3$54$440 | 20%

    **½ day daycare is billed at $15/day**

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*tax not included in total